Lighten the Web!

Welcome to Lighten the Web, a resource with information on how to speed up your websites.

Are you frustrated with websites taking ages to load? Are you tired of waiting for all the CSS and JS files to download? Do you feel dirty including all of jQuery just to get some selectors? Do you spill milk everywhere trying to open the carton? Then this website is for you. The web doesn't have to be slow, and this site is proof of that.

From YouTube enabling brand new demographics to watch video to Google finding that people do fewer searches the slower pages load, we're seeing that ensuring quick page load times is important for all kinds of websites. More importantly, we think that things have gone too far off the slow end, and we need to do something to make websites faster.

To get started with optimizing your sites, you first need to measure their current performance, so you know how your changes affect it. Afterwards, read the excellent Google Developers web fundamentals section on performance, which will get you most of the way there. Then, our sections on lightweight alternatives to heavy libraries and links to various useful topics contain information on various specific topics you will likely want to browse.